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Outfit of the Day: Navy Yard

The last few days have been sorta amazing, perspective-wise. If you’ve read Bossypants by Tina Fey, you’ll recall that she breaks out with stress. And, she and I have that in common. That might not be the only thing I have in common with Tina Fey, after reading this book. But either way, this week saw the dissipation of stress built up over the month of June, not just in theory but in feeling.

Skin glowing again

Projects humming along again.

I always (still?) hold my breath at the beginning of each month when I invoice that I won’t have any cash flow…I’m going to stop that. 

I learned how to long board. Urban surfing minus the sharks. 

Outfit of the Day: 

  • red heels, recycled bridesmaid gear
  • striped & ruffled dress, gift from Sua Clothing
  • navy tank, banana
  • belt, j. crew
  • purse, vintage

I know Tyra would tell me to relax the face, but I’m an athlete not a model. 

Next up: risk and getting what you want…Hell yeah. 


Outfit of the Day: Something about Daisy

These shorts are infamous. And, thus, I had to make a bad joke about them in the title of this post. 

I think there’s something to be said for the fact that I will now wear shorts in my late 20s and wouldn’t have bothered in my younger life. I’m in the middle of a 17 shift stretch. Essentially saving money so I can prove to the Spanish government that I won’t be a burden on their economy. I’m planning on throwing up a bunch of ones and making it rain making it drizzle.

First I have to make sure I save enough money to find Liam Neeson and pay him to autograph and hand deliver a copy of Taken to my dad before I consider permanently residing in Europe one way or the other. No? Too soon, Dad? Sorry. 

My 30 has been running lately. My ankles are swelling and I haz the shinsplintz, though so today it’s going to be all bike and walks for this girl. 

Outfit of the day: 

  • brown leather sandals, tahari

  • jean shorts, who the fuck knows

  • white ruffle tank, j. crew

  • belt, j. crew

  • persol 2989s

And fuck Lady Gaga’s hair bow, by the way.



30x30x30 Day WTF? 

Things I want to take pictures of lately: 

  • bugs

  • breakfasts my roommate Tyler and I cook

  • fountains

Things I don’t really feel like taking pictures of lately: 

  • you

  • me

  • everyone we know.

So, on friday, as I realized I’d missed pictures of Tuesday-Friday’s outfits, I thought I’d do a weekend update and catch up on all the pictures. But it felt inauthentic. 

The whole point of this challenge was to feel good. And I felt suddenly like I *had* to take pictures and I *had* to post them.

And, despite liking the confines of 30 items of clothing from a logistics standpoint, it started to feel really constricting not to wear all of my summeriest of clothing at the height of summer. If one of the points of the exercise was to contribute untouched, stylish images to a pool too-diluted with crazy, photoshopped madness, I could still do that without restricting my clothing options, no? We all know I’m not one for rules or definitions. 

So, I guess what I’m saying is, I will continue the :30 of exercise for 30 days, which has been a consistent positive in my life this last 3 and a half weeks, but I want to branch out of the 30 items and I want to post my outfits when the mood strikes. I want it to be organic. 

And I want to wear all my summer dresses. 


Feelin it Friday: Barcelona, Social Media, Kindles and Bikinis...anyone (in spain) want to get married?


The NUMBER ONE thing I am feeling is that I just got a call from Barcelona for a *dream job.* While I have plenty of freelance work, prospects for having a reason to stay *IN* this city are looking dim so this couldn’t have come at a better time…

EXCEPT that I need a work visa for Spain which is apparently IMPOSSIBLE to get because homies are dealing with a ~30% unemployment rate. So if anyone knows a way…or is in spain and wants to get married, let me know. I’m only joking a little. 

Other things I’m loving: 

  • Amazing summer tomatoes from our garden (see below)


  • inapprorpriate use of thai basi. in everything. omelettes. smoothies…what have you (see above)

  • Little Tybee going on a mini-summer tour up the east coast.

    (cc @papergardenrecs) 

  • Office attire (*cough* my kindle and my bikini *cough*):

OK. I am going to do a week catch-up of the 30x30x30 tomorrow after I have a chance to get all the pictures up and …. you know …. think. #healthismywealth.

I would love to post more but I have to go find a way to keep from getting cockblocked by the European Union. 

Happy weekend. 

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Over the last three weeks, I considered the increasingly common case of working from home, 

Over the last three weeks, I considered the increasingly common case of working from home, being a blogger and the ramifications of being, at the same time, in and out of the public eye. And, even though there are SO many awesome things about this, there are also pitfalls. I’ve used the 30x30x30 challenge to work on the issues I’ve encountered since I’ve been working at home since April as well as to contribute to the pool of images of healthy women on the internet as an alternative to media-controlled images available to girls and women. Catch up with images from the challenge on flickr and check out my photography portfolio there as well if you like.

 DSC_0644 (2)DSC_0757cookinDSC_0806

One Girl No Diet 30x30x30 Challenge, a set on Flickr.