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The Unexpected Things 


Sometimes things don't happen as you expect them to.

You may go in to get your roots touched up and come out looking like an anime character, for example. 

I've been writing this blog for almost two years now. It started off as a distraction and became an outlet.

Writing it, and hearing from you, helped catalyze some of the important changes in my life that have happened over the last 2 years --and especially over the last year. 

I started out talking about food back in 2010, but after a while, the simple exercise of writing something nearly every day--even in an unedited way--forced me to confront a lot of the issues tangential to simple food, and eating it.

I had a lot of support from you guys as I decided to move to California on my own. I was especially inspired by a few of you who wrote to me to tell me that they changed their lives significantly in one way or another after reading this blog. 

I feel wicked lucky. To think all of this happened because I was bored at my editing job back in the spring of 2010...

I became increasingly transparent through last spring and summer here. It was fun for me to be able to use my experience to connect to people in other states and countries who had similar experiences. But lately, I've felt a little confined by my subject matter, particularly the word "diet" and people's deathly hangups about it (even though that's what I set out to change). And, perhaps it's my most recent birthday, but there is less of my life I want to have out here going forward. I need a break from people thinking they know me because they read my blog...or from being called "One Girl" by my friends. It's been really surprising how much this blog has seeped into my life and blurred the edges between on and offline, truly. 

So, I am going to say goodbye to this blog. I'm gearing up for a new project starting in 2012 that will take a different direction, though I remain committed to the concept of optimum mental and physical health. 

Sometimes, you have to put a couple things in the rearview to make room for new projects. In the meantime, I'll still be reachable via the contact information to the right and twitter @jessicabrookman

I'll update here when I launch the new site, but I'm taking a digital holiday and doing some traveling for the next couple months.

Take care and don't be afraid to say hi! ...And don't worry...the purple washed out of my hair. :)

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