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Post-Thanksgiving Terms of Endearment

Ah, the beginning of the holiday (eating) season. 

Last year, I wrote an post about saying no to post-holiday fat talk. It was serious in nature--you shouldn't get too concerned with a couple pound weight gain over the holidays, just keep exercising and go back to eating your normal diet and you'll be ok. Whatever you do, don't fat-talk:  

In addition to the personal effects, by fat-talking, you’re perpetuating the expectation in our culture that you’re *supposed* to be upset with yourself. There are a lot of shitty things happening in the world, you eating too many christmas cookies doesn’t even make the list of “Top 1000 Evil Things of 2010.” So get back to (or establish) your routine and focus on one of those things. [See also: genocide in Darfur. See also: honor killings in the middle east. See also: violence anywhere See also: world banking crisis. See also: various forms of cancer. See also: etc, etc, ad nauseum...]

So, I think this message still applies. But this year, I wanted to add some additional support to your post-gigantic meal psyche. 

You are not carrying 5 extra pounds, you are: 


  1. Additionaly curvaceous.
  2. Constructing a compelling argument to get out of the house during the holidays to go to the gym by becoming an out of shape person.
  3. In training to produce a real-life version of one of Rubens' paintings. 
  4. On a vacation in the Land of Black Leggings until further notice.
  5. In solidarity with your thanksgiving turkey: Stuffed and not moving around too much.
  6. Preparing for an unlikely, but still possible, event that you are on a cruise ship in the North Atlantic and your boat strikes a large iceberg and sinks without enough lifeboats, leaving you to float in frigid water overnight. Hey, it *could* happen. 


So don't worry, just get back to your regular routine, don't forget to move around a little and you'll be back to normal before you know it. 

Plus, you have bigger things to worry about, I suspect...


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