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Comment from Miss Johanna

Yesterday, I changed the title of the "A Year without Mirrors" post and inadvertently lost this lovely comment:

I agree with you that if this exercise is an effective recovery tool for the girl undertaking it, then it's a good thing. But seriously, if "feminism" is about ignoring your body, deciding that there are only "on a diet" and "fatass" as choices, only "obsessed with appearances" or "don't look in the mirror", then I want to start a new movement. One where what we should all do, as you say, is to really look at the wondrous, amazing, beautiful machines we all are, with all our quirks and our fantastic intricacies and idiosyncrasies, and really truly love that. Each of us. And once we all love ourselves as individual organisms, maybe we'll all love each other, and not need to fight to show that one gender or color or whatever is just as good as the other. Because maybe we'll get that we're all, every single one of us, worthy of that love.

Have a good weekend.

PS catch up with Josie @Johanna_Lynne on twitter or @ CanMakeDoThink, her blog.

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