Why I Write OGND:

In short, I was sick of being fed a steady diet of bullshit literally and figuratively.

When I started OGND in April 2010, I wanted a forum to air my concerns about industries and cultural constructions that I felt were sabotaging women (specifically).

I wanted to give a voice to people who felt they weren’t in a position to be critical of these norms. I want to give people an alternative perspective and the support and tools to demand more from the media and to become, themselves, what is lacking: strong, independent, diverse, questioning, critical members of society.

This blog is:

  1. A place where I will discuss how i handle my perpetual state of un-dieting myself. Or where you can discuss your current state of dieting or un-dieting.
  2. A place to find inspiration to be happy, power, success and stylish.

  3. An example for girls/women and even men/boys who would rather create, function, perform, understand, save the world than buy into the idea that we have to treat our bodies as projects constantly needing to be maintained, ordered, bullied, regulated and assessed. Our bodies are NOT projects; we do not have to be consumers of fad diets and unhealthy fixations.
  4. A place to discuss the cultural zeitgeist surrounding health, our bodies, food, culture and style.

Basically, I am on a mission to help you discover how awesome you are and how wonderful life can be once you develop a constructive relationship with yourself.

"NO DIET" has become a euphemism for living life like it's the ultimate Make Your Own Adventure game. Life should be about adding great things to build your health and happiness, not what you can take away. It's about not limiting yourself to a set of variables that have been determined for you and deciding what is important to you.

And, I want to help you do it.


Unconditional, revolutionary self-love. Let's get on that.

I'm going to be updating an easy-start guide to reading OGND. Check back soon.